About the International Consensus and Pledge to eliminate Diabetes Stigma

Diabetes stigma refers to the negative social judgments, stereotypes, and prejudices that unfairly affect people with diabetes all over the world. Around 4 in 5 people with diabetes have experienced diabetes stigma. Diabetes stigma can lead to being treated differently. This is known as discrimination. Up to 1 in 3 people with diabetes have been discriminated against due to their diabetes. 

Diabetes stigma can have a negative impact on  the health, self-care, well-being, professional and social lives of people with diabetes. Diabetes stigma can also have a negative impact on public and government support and funding for diabetes research, prevention, clinical care and treatments.

To bring an end to diabetes stigma and discrimination, 51 experts from 18 countries came together. They have lived experience, research and clinical experience. They reviewed the scientific evidence and established an international consensus on 49 Statements of Evidence and Recommendations. They also achieved a consensus on a Pledge to bring an end to diabetes stigma and discrimination. The full report has been submitted for publication. It is currently under review.

Experts across the world agree that a pivotal change is needed to bring an end to diabetes stigma. It starts with a collective commitment from all sectors of the diabetes community to challenge the status quo – the embedded negative judgements, stereotypes, and prejudice that are all around us, influencing discussions and decision-making about diabetes.

Please join us. Show your support by endorsing the Pledge to Eliminate Diabetes Stigma. If you have any questions, you can contact any of the expert panel members to learn more. If you would like more information about:

  • the consensus, the Pledge, or how these were achieved, contact Jane Speight
  • how to get involved in sharing and promoting the Pledge, contact Matthew Garza

We thank all those who have endorsed the Pledge and, most importantly, for sharing their intention to take action to bring an end to diabetes stigma and discrimination, and the harms they cause. 

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