Endorse the Pledge to End Diabetes Stigma

I / We PLEDGE to contribute pro-actively to bring an end to diabetes stigma and discrimination by: 

respecting people with all types of diabetes.

recognising diabetes stigma exists and has harmful impacts.

acknowledging and challenging my/our own prejudices about (people with) diabetes

using accurate, respectful, inclusive, non-judgmental, and strengths-based language, messaging, and imagery when communicating with or about people with diabetes.

avoiding and challenging fear-based messaging and imagery.

condemning discrimination due to diabetes and advocating for equal treatment and support for people with diabetes.

encouraging initiatives, policies, and laws that promote equity for all people with diabetes.

By taking this pledge, I am / we are committed, from here on, to creating a more compassionate and respectful world for people with diabetes, free from diabetes stigma and discrimination, and the harms they inflict.
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